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Captain Hook

Stichting Captain Hoek

Stichting Captain Hoek is een stichting opgericht door Jan Hoek met als doel bepaalde groepen in de samenleving door middel van kunst en media een betere plek te geven. Het bestuur bestaat uit:

- Cas van Kleef, voorzitter (campagneleider Greenpeace)
- Anna van Nunen, penningmeester (oprichtster Innofest)
- Yuki Kho, secretaris (kunst- & cultuurjournalist VPRO)
- Chelita Lima, algemeen bestuurslid (sociaal pedagogisch hulpverlener)

Rekeningnummer: NL91TRIO0379485486 t.n.v. Stichting Captain Hoek
KVK: 72192887
RSIN: 859023953
BTW-nummer 859023953B01


Stichting Captain Hoek
Van Helt Stocadestraat 28hs
1073 JD Amsterdam

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Streetwear by Outsider and Insider Artists
Outsider artists tend to be a little bit different. They often operate outside of the mainstream art world. Sometimes they face mental or physical disabilities,homelessness or vulnerability. Outsiderwear is a new collaborative project combining talented outsider artists with a range of fashion designers and creatives, both emerging and established. The result of these experimental collaborations will be shown and sold during the multidisciplinary Outsiderwear Festival, running in the summer of 2021 in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen.

Outsiderwear is an initiative of artist Jan Hoek and Foundation Captain Hoek, in collaboration with Foundation M-ODE and Outsider Art Galerie.



Sistaaz of the Castle
This project is the product of an ongoing collaboration between fashion designer Duran Lantink, trans sex worker organization SistaazHood and myself. The Sistaaz are fierce activists, proud to be trans, proud to be sex workers, and even prouder of their stunning sense of style. And they want it to be acknowledged. Most of the girls are homeless, living under a bridge near Cape Town’s (South Africa) Castle of Good Hope.



Mental Superpowers

Lady Gaga, Diane Arbus, Vincent van Gogh, Kurt Cobain – the list of creative geniuses with mental health issues is long and well known. But how do the two relate to one another? Can an mental illness also be seen as a superpower? To answer this question Jan Hoek spent three months living in a psychiatric hospital in Brooklyn, collaborating with the hospital's clients and other unique individuals he met in New York. A comic book and different exhibitions (in psychiatric hospitals for example) are the result.



Beleidsplan-2020 (pdf | 4,3 mb)
Jaarverslag-2019 (pdf | 150 kb)
Jaarverslag-2018 (pdf | 150 kb)